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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eddie Barnes: Cameron takes early lead

And they're off.

Best start goes to David Cameron. He spoke before Brown this morning and chose an airy setting outside County Hall on the banks the Thames, symbolically on the other side of the river from Westminster, and all the sleaze therein. He spoke crisply and clearly about the need for change, although I thought his line about wanting to speak for the "The Great Ignored", sounded a little too close to comfort to the phrase "The Great Unwashed" which I doubt is quite the image the Tories want Old Etonian Dave to conjure up.

At least you could hear what he was saying. Gordon Brown was let down by the BBC who got his sound all wrong so that when he starting speaking outside 10 Downing Street, it was as if the election was being called by the platform announcer at Queen Street station.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond kicked off the campaign in a rain-lashed Edinburgh alongside former Scotsman columnist and now SNP candidate George Kerevan. The difference in the weather between stormy Edinburgh and sun-dappled London was highly symbolic. There are going to be two completely different election campaigns fought over the coming weeks: the simple straight fight we see on our TV screens between Brown and Cameron, and the more cluttered contest up here involving four parties all fighting for our attention.

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