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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Eddie Barnes: The Gordonator is off

Blimey, Gordon Brown was in his element today. Addressing the Scottish Labour conference in Glasgow, he was back on home turf, he had pumped-up Scottish Labour activists in the audience, they had Tories in their sights. That's as good as it gets for Gordon.

The speech he delivered was magnificently brass-necked. Just to remember the context, two days ago the Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged that Labour, if it wins in May, will have to cut deeper than Margaret Thatcher in order to bring the deficit under control. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne then confirmed that on Question Time on Thursday night. We are heading for a national debt of 1.4 trillion pounds. But today, in his first stump speech of the campaign, the Gordonator simply blasted all that stuff away, as if it were a bit of collateral damage. Instead, he banged out a speech of classic Brown. Labour would protect middle Britain. The Tories would pull the rug from under the recovery. And, as if the recession had never happened, and the deficit didn't exist, it was back to investment vs cuts. Half way through, Brown declared that, if re-elected, he would create a million new high-skilled jobs. It really was like being in a time warp.

You might find Brown's approach a bit galling but the Prime Minister does have a track record of winning. He is making change look risky. He's making caution sound sensible. He claims he's the one with the experience, and that Cameron and Co have none. Can he really get away with all this? It might just be so. After all, he's telling many people what they would really like to believe: that the public finances aren't that bad really, that the country can recover, that we can still have our cake and eat it.

The speech was littered with the usual Brown mistakes - the badly delivered jokes, the smile in the wrong place. But I don't think I've ever seen Brown looking so confident and so brimming with self-belief. Tories beware.

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Blogger DeeDee99 said...

"but the Prime Minister does have a track record of winning."

Winning what, exactly? The only election he has ever won is a Constituency election in a tribally Labour-voting seat. He backed off of an election in 2007 because he thought he might lose, so he is a PM without a mandate.

The electorate hasn't elected him to anything. Neither has the Labour Party - they crowned him because he or his Forces of Hell had bullied and intimidated every other potential candidate into backing off.

One would be excused for thinking that he doesn't believe in Democracy!

27 March 2010 21:28  
Blogger Not the Messiah said...

IN many ways Scottish Independence will be unaffected by either Tory or Labour Uk Government's given the level of cuts that will be required and the increasingly important role of oil revenue and renewables investment, the future is Scottish, independently so.

28 March 2010 08:34  
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28 March 2010 16:42  
Blogger brownlie said...


Is that the draft for Gordon Brown's speech - written by John Prescott?

28 March 2010 18:43  

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