Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Where they are now: Super Adventure Club

Super Adventure ClubZombies seem to be everywhere at the moment, from the Left for Dead series of video games to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies novel. Perhaps that’s why the advice from UtR’s favourite hyper melodic uber spazz triumvirate Super Adventure Club on their latest album seems so timely.

Avoid Zombies, the follow-up to their self-released debut Chalk Horror, is unveiled on 5 April. In anticipation of this event we caught up with bassist Mandy Clarke to see what they’ve been up to since they were last featured on UtR a whole year ago.

“We've had a lot of fun the last year touring and writing the new album. We went over to Ireland for a mini tour with Adebisi Shank which was awesome, then we supported Dananananaykroyd on a few dates of their 'Hugtober' tour at the exact time we became horribly aware that swine flu does actually exist.”

On top of this there have been shows with the likes of Future of the Left and a tour of England. Somewhere in the midst of that the band also found time to make the new album.

Recorded by Laurie Irvine in their rehearsal space using his portable studio (described as looking like “something out of a sci-fi film”), the new album will be put out by Glasgow-based indie Armellodie Records, home to the likes of Le Reno Amps, Cuddly Shark and Kill The Captains.

“We recorded Avoid Zombies over two days, starting at 4pm and finishing around 8am. It was really cool being able to just stay all night and not have to worry about getting kicked out. It sounds like it might be quite intense but it was actually a lot of fun!’”

If you’re not familiar with SAC, try to imagine Melt Banana channeling Primus. The Glasgow-based trio mix styles and sounds in a way that initially seems confusing, even distressing. Give the songs a chance though and you’ll find each one has some sneaky earworms hidden inside, and you’ll find yourself humming them in the shower days later. To see what we mean, have a listen to 'Nosferatu' from Avoid Zombies:

SAC - Nosferatu

With a number of shows coming up to promote the new album, what else is lined up for SAC?

"We're planning on doing a Scotland tour because we've not done that yet, then back to Ireland, England and hopefully France again … a tour of Europe would be amazing but we'll see. We made a video for Hip-Hop-Hot-Pot-Pot-Noodle which will be ready in the summer, probably get a BAFTA for that. Kanye West is still hassling us to collaborate with him but we're a bit busy right now. Maybe next year."

Words: Craig Dickson

Super Adventure Club play the Captain’s Rest, Glasgow (album launch show) on Thursday (25 Mar) with United Fruit and The Banana Sessions, and Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh on Sunday (28 Mar) with Pneu and Shield Your Eyes.

Avoid Zombies is released on Armellodie Records April 5th, and the single 'Pick Up Sticks / SAC Attack' is out now.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Radar recommends: 17 - 23 May

The Phantom Band
[The Phantom Band: playing Stag & Dagger on Saturday]

Ending with the terrific looking Stag & Dagger festival, this week's already guaranteed to be a thrilling sprawl of giggage. But before the Glasgow jamboree kicks off there's plenty of superlative shows to get your lugs around...

Future of the Left, Pulled Apart By Horses and Super Adventure Club
Monday 18 May, Stereo, Glasgow, £tbc
From the ashes of mclusky and Jarcrew rose Wales' best new band, Future of the Left. That was four years ago, but Future of the Left have tightened up and added electronics without curtailing their hardcore lifeblood. Apt support comes in the equally kinetic forms of Leeds fight-pop mentalists Pulled Apart By Horses and Edinburgh' s most eccentrically talented band, Super Adventure Club. [NM]

Super Adventure Club - Tommy Sheridan

Bullet VI, Casino, Kathleen Mary Duff
Tuesday 19 May, The Ark, Edinburgh, Doors 8pm, £4
Bullet VI are a band who simply refuse to be pigeonholed. Their funk-driven rock constantly veers close to hip-hop territory and dual vocalists Ailsa Bates and Andy Wilson complement each other perfectly, adding rich layers of harmony to the groove-driven rhythm section. Casino, from Falkirk, hark back to the glory days of British indie pop while Edinburgh singer/songwriter Kathleen Mary Duff's piano-driven ballads and soaring vocals are reminiscent of Tori Amos's early work. [JM]

Benni Hemm Hemm, Withered Hand
Thursday 21 May, The Bowery, Edinburgh. 7.30pm, £5
Exulting flurries of parping brass and melancholic rhythms, Edinburgh-based Icelanders Benni Hemm Hemm draw inevitable comparisons with Swedish troubador Jens Lekman. But a penchant for harmony and spacious arrangements suggest they're more attuned to the orchestral folk leanings of Sufjan Stevens. For this particular outing the Benni... line-up will be bolstered by Rob St John’s Owen Williams and Emily Scott, rendering this showing almost unmissable. [BH]

Black Rat Death Squad, Unknown Hagana, The Party Program
Friday 22 May, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh. Doors 7pm, £tbc
Glasgow's Black Rat Death Squad have already earned a reputation as local legends thanks to their anarchic live shows. With influences ranging from crust punk to Norwegian black metal, the band's sound falls somewhere towards the post-hardcore end of the punk spectrum, with a healthy dose of straight-up rock'n'roll mixed in for good measure. Eclectic Edinburgh indie outfit Unknown Hagata and progressive metal/hardcore act The Party Program support on the night. [JM]

My Electric Love Affair, After Me The Flood, The Stormy Seas, Dave Courtney
Friday 22 May, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Doors 7pm, FREE
My Electric Love Affair's entrancing blend of drone, punk and experimental pop could be easily mistaken for that of shoegazing stalwarts My Bloody Valentine on first listen. The Edinburgh veterans have been quiet since the limited release of their Blow Me Down EP but look set to re-establish themselves as firm live favourites with a spate of shows lined up over the summer. After Me The Floods' fast and loud indie rock is complemented by The Stormy Seas sedate and thoughtful Celtic-themed modern folk. [JM]

• Update: The Stormy Seas have had to pull out of the above gig, but are playing the following night (23 May) in Edinburgh at Sneaky Pete's, with Anathallo, Sam Amidon and Your Boy Blair.

Duty Free presents Cats In Paris, Mitchell Museum
Saturday 23 May, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. 7pm, Doors free
Representing another score for the boys and girls at the wallet-friendly Duty Free, hotly-tipped [is there really any other kind of tipped?] Manchester four-piece Cats In Paris bring their wonky neo-pop to Auld Reekie’s cobbled streets. Of course, UtR’s a tad more excited about the submerged synths and illuminated melodies of Glasgow miscreants Mitchell Museum, but, whatever your predilection, this is shaping up to be a corker.[BH]

Play: Mitchell Museum - Extra Lives

**UtR's gig of the week**
Stag & Dagger
Saturday 23 May, various venues, Glasgow
We're more excited than a politician with a blank expenses form about Stag & Dagger next week. Among the stellar bill are American indie darlings Cold War Kids, the frankly incredible Twilight Sad and Glasgow's finest practitioners of what I'm going to pretentiously call post-pop, The Phantom Band. But enough salivating for now; we'll have a proper preview later in the week. [NM]

Words: Jodi Mullen, Billy Hamilton, Nick Mitchell

Have we missed something? Let us know below, or add it to the gig guide...

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Radar recommends: 12 - 18 April

Young Fathers
[Young Fathers: playing King Tut's on Friday]

After the copious delights of the past couple of weeks, things slow down on the gig front this week. But we've still managed to select a few choice nights to keep you busy.

Oso, Enemies and Super Adventure Club
Monday 13 Apr, Cassette, Glasgow, FREE, Doors 8pm
Respect to Oso. The polyrhythmic Californians have packed six (yes, six) Scottish dates into their UK jaunt, and this one could well be the highlight, because sharing the bill are UtR favourites Super Adventure Club. [NM]

Play: SAC - Tommy Sheridan

Withered Hand, Ray Rumours, Francois
Mon 13 April, The Bowery, Edinburgh. Doors 7.30pm, £5
We can’t tell you much about support acts Ray Rumours and Francois, but we do know Withered Hand (aka Dan Wilson) are absolutely sublime. Skewering crisp melodies with arresting experimentation, Wilson’s textured folk canters are a dichotomous sonic treat that never fail to captivate the ear-canals. Backed by myriad local luminaries, it’s also an ideal opportunity to spot a few Auld Reekie celebrities. [BH]

Wine, Women and Song featuring L-Marie, Jake Cogan, Nuala Kennedy
Wed 15 April, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. Doors 7.30pm, £8
A new night on the Edinburgh circuit, Wine, Women and Song’s raison d’etre is to highlight the fairer sex's musical virtues. This inaugural eve sees a sterling line-up of nu-soul cooer Lizzie-Marie, Edinburgh songstress Jake Corgan and folk hustler Nuala Kennedy appropriate the Voodoo Rooms' ballroom. Here come the girls? You bet. [BH]

**UtR's gig of the week**
We Are Trapped in Kansas, The Darien Venture and Esperi
Thursday 16 Apr, Captain's Rest, Glasgow, £tbc, Doors 8pm
This night of semi-experimental sounds is headed by Scotland's most accomplished math rock act (and there aren't too many of those at the last count), We Are Trapped in Kansas, and bolstered by the poppier Darien Venture and recent UtR stars Esperi. [NM]

Play: Esperi - Proverb

Limbo featuring Marina and The Diamonds, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell
Thursday 16 April, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. Doors 8pm, £4
In a week where Edinburgh gig pickings are slimmer than Kate Moss on Atkins, it’s left to old faithful Limbo to once again produce the goods. On the cusp of a major league breakthrough, Marina and The Diamonds’ acrobatic trinkets soar skywards with the grace of Kate Bush and the brazen intensity of Bat for Lashes. Supported by My Cousin I Bid You Farewell (soon to be ‘on the radar’), this is sure to be another corking Limbo showing. [BH]

Esser, Young Fathers and Jesus H Foxx

Friday 17 Apr, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, £6, Doors 8.30pm
Young London trendy Ben Esser headlines this gig at Tut's, but it's the supporting acts we're more interested in. Young Fathers are leading the way for Scottish hip-hop in their own blistering style, while Jesus H Foxx are finally set to deliver on the hype with a new EP. [NM]

The Sexual Objects
Saturday 18 Apr, Mono, Glasgow, FREE, Noon-Midnight
To mark Record Store Day, the muso haven that is Monorail plays host to live music and DJs in an all-day event. Don't miss The Sexual Objects at 7pm, the enigmatic group fronted by ex-Fire Engines veteran Davey Henderson. More info here. [NM]

Goodbye Lenin, Sebastian Dangerfield, The Byrons
Saturday 18 April, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. Doors 7pm, £5
We’re suckers for an old-fashion slosh of indie here at UtR and, fortunately for us, that’s exactly what this trio of Edinburgh-based miscreants do best. Radiohead (well, Ed O'Brien) commended riff-mongers Goodbye Lenin are the vanguards of a night that showcases the exuberant guitar flutterings of Sebastian Dangerfield and The Byrons’ caged-beast schlock ‘n’ roll. Definitely one for Converse loving indie-aficionados. [BH]

- Billy Hamilton & Nick Mitchell

Have we missed something? Let us know below...

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

On the radar: Super Adventure Club

Super Adventure Club
[Photograph by Jack Waddington C/O The Skinny]

A ghoulish tune-wielding trio emanating from the bowels of central Scotland, Super Adventure Club [SAC] make for a spine-chilling proposition.

Their frothing clatter of skeletal guitar and cluster-bomb percussion has been pounding the grey matter of Central Belt crowds for the past 18 months and we here at UtR reckon the Livingston/Glasgow collective of Bruce Wallace [guitars/vocals], Mandy Clark [bass/vocals] and Neil Warrack [drums/vocals] are perfectly poised for a (very apt) stab at the big time.

SAC - Tommy Sheridan

Already an album down after the release of last year's thrilling Chalk Horror!, SAC produce exhilarating horror R&B with a bombast redolent of The Cramps, Sons & Daughters and (sadly defunct) Glasgow outfit, Uncle John & Whitelock.

It's a sound far removed from their dreamy, Enid Blyton-like moniker, but it seems this cheery-cheeked appellation underpins the band’s absolute disdain towards, erm, folk like UTR and you dear reader. Hmmm...

Band frontman Bruce explains: “[SAC] was inspired by an episode of South Park. In the episode, the name Super Adventure Club sounds fun and nice, but actually represents something really offensive. We like things like South Park and Brasseye because they say a lot about how sensationalist the media can be, and how gullible the general public are.”

A part of the hyperbole-spouting ‘mee-ja’ UTR may be, but we know a good thing when it explodes in our eardrums like an airstrike of sound and Super Adventure Club are definitely that.

Sticksman Neil (Waz to his chums) says of the band’s future: “Our main priority is to continue making music that is both challenging and interesting to ourselves, we are not interested in coming and going fashions in music, we believe good music speaks for itself. If our fans still want to hear our new material and are kind enough to let us perform it for them, I think we will have achieved a great deal.”

SAC - Built In Redundancy

Discover Super Adventure Club for yourself at the following shows:

12 Apr @ The GRV, Edinburgh
13 Apr @ Cassette, Glasgow
29 May @ Cassette, Glasgow
30 May @ Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

By Billy Hamilton

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