Friday, 26 December 2008

Edinburgh's indie scene rises again

Not since the distant days of Josef K and The Fire Engines has Edinburgh fostered such a healthy music scene. Glasgow always casts a long shadow eastward, not least with the recent commercial success of Glasvegas, but it seems Scotland's capital city is finally emerging with a dynamic, like-minded clutch of bands.

And some of the success can be attributed to local music fans taking matters into their own hands by promoting gigs, writing blogs and even putting out records. One such industrious fellow is Matthew Young, who has been running his lively Song, by Toad blog for a while and recently set up his own record label.

It's early days, but the few releases to date have been of remarkably high quality. First, Meursault gave us an album that was just a few weeks too late for many album-of-the-year polls with Pissing on Bonfires, Kissing with Tongues, which The Scotsman's Fiona Shepherd liked a lot. Then folkier outfits Eagleowl and Nightjar emerged with a pair of EPs that also received strong praise.

They say music scenes occur in cycles, and Edinburgh's indie community is long overdue its day in the sun (metaphorically speaking of course - this is Scotland).

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Friday, 5 December 2008

Introducing... The Last Corinthians

The Last Corinthians are a four-piece indie outfit from Glasgow that leans towards the more rocky side of the spectrum.

They describe their music as "a mix of everything that will grab you and pleasure your ears."

They started out two years ago and have been busy playing all the venues Glasgow has to offer, as well as various others around the UK. Their songs have received plays on XFM Scotland and a number of local radio stations in Scotland and the US.

The Last Corinthians - Lulu

The Last Corinthians - Same Old Feelings

You can catch The Last Corinthians live at the following gigs:

11 Dec 2008 8pm Pivo, Glasgow
21 Dec 2008 8pm Box, Glasgow
25 Jan 2009 8pm Maggie Mays, Glasgow
28 Mar 2009 8pm 3 Sisters, Edinburgh

More information available on their MySpace.


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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

More new music from Neu Gestalt and Rieser

Today we have a couple of radically different tracks for you to sample.

First up is Neu Gestalt. The German phrase 'neue gestalt' means 'new form', and a sense of experimentalism is quite appropriate to describe this kind of ambient electronica.

The 'e' in 'Neue' was dropped for two reasons: as a tip of the hat to German Krautrock legends Neu! and because four other bands appeared with the same name when he previously worked as simply Gestalt!

And in case you're thinking that we're promoting continental over homegrown talent, fear not: Neu Gestalt is actually Edinburgher Les Scott, who has been making music for many years and has recently signed to Leith-based Alex Tronic records.

There's more info to be found on his MySpace.

Neu Gestalt - Artefact

Taking us back to rockier climes are another Edinburgh act, Rieser.

They may still be unsigned, but Rieser have already released their debut album The Well Dressed Thief, won praise from Scotland's radio DJs and supported the likes of The View and The Young Knives.

'Rockstar' is a statement of intent if ever there was one. Could 2009 be their year?

Visit their website to find out more.

Rieser - Rockstar

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